how else could you know so much?

Today is the very special Day 121 recap of what’s been going on in The Groundhog Day Project since the Day 62 recap.

Day 63: kindest, sweetest, prettiest was a piece about love.

Day 64: there ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb was the time I talked about the comic book Daytripper and explained how Groundhog Day leads to nuclear war.

Day 65: it’s all one big crapshoot anyhoo is the entry in which I deal with the hypothetical days after some of the various February 2nds we see in the film.

Day 66: not my kind of fun is the entry in which I describe some details of the behind-the-scenes extra, The Weight of Time that’s on the DVD.

Day 67: going out on a limb here involves google maps and locations used in the movie.

Day 68: the people and the fun is an entry about some background extras and how they amuse me.

Day 69: i don’t even have to floss is actually one of the more “important” entries, I think, starting with Phil’s lack of a need to eat and getting into how vital the “Bronco” scene is to the entire film and what Phil Connors represents.

Day 70: the first time i saw you deals with Phil’s insanity and the moment he “falls in love” with Rita… also this is when I trademarked the phrase “time loop date rape.”

Day 71: it’s more in the wrist than the finger is the day I deal with tarot cards and Phil and Rita. And, I revisit the tarot cards on Day 92: be the hat because I missed something the first time.

Day 72: i know that’s what i said involves my second listen to the director’s commentary track, but I don’t learn anything new, so I don’t say much.

Day 73: nothing to be too scared about is the first of several “impromptu” entries in which I take a sheet full of impromptu speech quotations and link them all to Groundhog Day. I do it again on Day 87: bundle up warm of course, Day 101: you can leave your galoshes at home, Day 102: I’m gonna stay here and finish (which completes the list from the day before), and then the latest was split over two days again, Day 119: let’s just do this and Day 120: then we’ll talk.

Day 74: basking in the warmth of their hearths and hearts is a cheesy little entry about how my life is worth living and this blog is worth doing.

Day 75: only god can make a tree involves Joyce Kilmer’s poem “Trees” and gets into the idea of confirmation bias (in case you’re not keeping up, one of my final papers this fall quarter involves a test of confirmation bias in relation to Groundhog Day. I’d probably share the paper on this blog but it’s primarily not about the film but about the theory, with a proposed study at the end involving the film.

Day 76: you could always use a little more deals with modernism and whether or not Phil Connors is a good person.

Day 77: you are new, aren’t you? is a sort of jumping on point for new readers, referencing a few in-jokes (but not explaining them, because that would be too easy) and explaining a bit of what I’ve been doing and why.

Day 78: when you stand in the snow deals with angels in Groundhog Day and the prevalence of the number 3 as the blog starts to get attached to religion.

Day 79: most of my work is with couples, families deals with Groundhog Day as therapy.

Day 80: i have an alcoholic now has nothing to do with its title but instead deals with gender roles in the film.

Day 81: are you drunk or something? explores the perspective of Rita for a change.

Day 82: i’ve always loved you deals with love (or the lack thereof) and, ultimately meaning in Groundhog Day.

Day 83: we made love like sea otters counters the previous couple entries in suggesting that Groundhog Day is all about love.

Day 84: close call folks deals with a few little things that bug me, like Rita being a robot.

Day 85: did you want to talk about the weather… deals with my obsessive tendencies and how life is busy, busy, busy.

Day 86: or were you just making chitchat? deals briefly with the idea that the longer the time loop, the harder it would be to get back to normalcy afterward.

Day 88: maybe read hustler or something deals with pooping. Really. And I will lament forever that I didn’t think to make the title “does he have to use the word, ‘poopy’?”

Day 89: i am an immortal deals with legacies, including what happens to our online social presence after death.

Day 90: i hope you enjoy the festivities deals with holidays and why this story could only take place on Groundhog Day.

Day 91: does this mean you’re gonna leave? is my shortest entry yet. I want to say shortest entry ever, but, well, I’ve got to leave my options open.

Day 93: twelve years of catholic school talking and Day 94: gosh, i should have known are my exploration of Phil Connors as Christ-Figure per Kozlovic’s (2009) scale. This will become a recurring topic as another one of my finals papers for the fall quarter involves the cinematic Christ-Figure.

Day 95: there is a heck of a lot more to it than that is the entry in which I don’t manage to deal with Phil’s possible Christ-complex (as a counterpoint to Phil as a Christ-Figure), but instead recap the short film Time Freak and deal with Andie MacDowell’s name and how Phil and Rita are my parents.

Day 96: about a million miles from where i started off in college gets into some of my personal history and where this blog fits into it.

Day 97: it is so good to see you deals with screencaps from Time Freak, Phil’s itinerary for the last day of the time loop, and some screencaps from Groundhog Day.

Day 98: i’ve spent a lot of time here explains how Groundhog Day might actually just be a lost episode of Doctor Who.

Day 99: one long setup deals with parenting roles in the film.

Day 100: i’ve seen it over a hundred times deals with the film-within-the-film Heidi II, the transience of ice sculpting as an artform, the meaning of a minivan, and a celebratory cake.

Day 103: i’m repeating the same day over and over again recalculates my old day count to see if I can get it to 40.

Day 104: none that i can see details new things found while watching my new blu-ray copy of the film.

Day 105: people like blood sausage, too. people are morons deals with weird food before getting into the role of food within the film.

Day 106: because i love you explores the film About Time and what I might or might not want to do if I could travel in time… and of course it connects to Phil Connors.

Day 107: he tried to swallow a whole cow returns to the topic of Phil as Christ-Figure.

Day 108: it’s hard down there at the bottom explains how Phil’s interactions with the old homeless man, O’Reilly, link to the four visions of Siddhartha Gautama.

Day 109: another step in the cycle of life counters the Christ-Figure stuff (and builds on the previous entry) by suggesting Phil is instead (or additionally) a Bodhisattva.

Day 110: here’s the report is mostly just a copy-and-paste sharing of the incomplete rough draft of my Christ-Figure paper, which is actually more about Superman than Phil Connors at this point.

Day 111: how do you know these people? involves a lot of screencaps and some labels for what I call various unnamed characters and background extras.

Day 112: the same old schtick deals with subtitles.

Day 113: not today was supposed to be another “impromptu” day but instead turned into me attempting to answer why I am doing this.

Day 114: catch you tomorrow, Day 115: what if there is no tomorrow? and Day 116: there wasn’t one today break down the screenplay structure of Groundhog Day… obviously with a lot of detail.

Day 117: you’re missing all the fun deals with a few crazy ideas, including one rather blasphemous one.

Day 118: what are you looking for? involves an old speech of mine and an old novel of mine and something about the brotherhood of man.

Day 121: how else could you know so much? made a list of entries to recap what’s been going on since Day 62: for your information.


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