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Linking Groundhog Day to impromptu quotations--as I did here, here and here & here and here & here--yesterday and the day before and it is not going as... I guess you could say smoothly. It's not going as smoothly as other days. I'm getting bogged down in details and the picking of nits--which obviously is not like me at all. As a regular reader of this blog, you would understand that I never obsess about anything to the point of picking it apart until it dies.

Seriously though, how does something get labeled as a Danish Proverb when it is neither Danish nor a Proverb? But, then there's a bigger problem; spend too much time on "random" quotations and I miss the boat on larger things I could be doing. Like spending four days revisiting eternal recurrence or deja vu, or a whole week on some other topic... perhaps deja vu. I mean, just because Carl Sagan supposedly once said, "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known," doesn't mean I need to spend time exploring it or that it links to Phil Connors' experience in the time loop--clearly it does, because the implication within this quotation is that knowledge is out there waiting for us to get to it... there's no value judgment here about good knowledge or bad knowledge, of course, and Phil Connors finds a bit of both for himself...

And, speaking of knowledge out there waiting, Goober--my name for one of the Punxsutawney Inner Circle guys, mind you... the one who asks Phil, "Something I can do you for?" right before Phil steals the truck and the groundhog--is only holding one scroll when he goes on stage. Did no one in the production consider that fact that the Inner Circle might attempt to pretend they haven't predetermined what the groundhog is going to say about his shadow. Or maybe that's a problem straight from the real Inner Circle. I don't know. It's still a problem and something I should add to the IMDb goofs page when I finally get around to fixing it... Actually, I should fix it now. I should add Phil Connoring and time loop date rape to Urban Dictionary while I'm at it.

But, I should also mention that one extra I didn't label on labeling day was an old guy who acts like someone suggested he get up on stage for the auction and that's the silliest idea he's ever heard, a sentiment he expresses in a very quiet and dialogue-less manner. He and another extra--Sweater Guy--need to work on their extra acting skills, but that's not why I'm bringing him up now. See, I just noticed that Not Auctionable walks by the gazebo behind Nancy and Phil. New things all the time. Sagan was right.

I considered clicking over to IMDb right now to fix the goofs page but I would have to go back and study my entry about the goofs to make sure I fix it all properly. I also would like to get a reference to this blog on the IMDb page for the film, and maybe on the Wikipedia entry as well. Speaking of which, this blog should have its own Wikipedia entry, but I learned from The Newsroom that Wikipedia doesn't let people edit their own entries... and that entry would technically be about me so they probably wouldn't let me create it. Not that I believe everything that Aaron Sorkin television series tell me--that would be crazy.

I actually just tried to insert a link to this blog in the "Further reading" section of Wikipedia's entry for Groundhog Day, but their citation tags, simple enough probably for adding another book--they've got Gilbey's and Rubin's listed--don't work for a web address.

And, I just got sidetracked by the Message Board on IMDb. So, this entry will be cut shorter than it might have been.

Today's reason to repeat a day forever: to figure out just how to maximize attention on reddit, IMDb, Wikipedia, and wherever else would come up.


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