that's not the worst part

Sometimes.... no--often, lately, I've come to this blog without a plan. It's my winter break from grad school so I should be doing some of the time intensive stuff. Hell, a few days ago I did some of that; I finally did the third TV Time loop day and I watched a couple time loop movies. I don't even remember what else I did this week. I know I talked about being in a relationship with Groundhog Day, and last night I wrote The Ballad of Phil Connors. But, the days blend together...

But, maybe that's the point. You may notice that, here on Blogger I don't number the entries. But, I do number the Word files, and on both my Facebook page and Twitter I number them. But, here I let them be... timeless, sort of. And, in my head I not only forget what I've done lately--I swear, for instance, that it was recent that I wrote extensively about eternal recurrence (39,40,41) and Christ-Figures (93,94,107,110) and deja vu (14,15,16), yet those topics were long ago.

But, it gets worse. In December I broke the cardinal rule... the cardinal unspoken rule... an unspoken rule of The Groundhog Project. I repeated titles. And, I only just noticed it.

Day 125, in which I finally (and hardly as deeply as I probably implied I would) dealt with matters of race in Groundhog Day, was entitled "this is a restricted area."

Day 146, in which I renamed Christmas and shared the O'Reilly "death" scene from Ramis' second revision, was also entitled "this is a restricted area."

Now, I can--and probably will change... no in fact, I will change one of those titles before getting past the very next sentence. But, unfortunately, the addresses won't change, so, like the very first entry, and the second entry in this blog, there will be a noticeable discrepancy between the title and the address for the entry... so the links on Facebook and Twitter still work.

(By the way, it wasn't until Day 3 that I decided each entry would bear a title taken from a line within the film, hence the discrepancy with those first two. Also, I believe one entry had a typo in its title initially and was only corrected after Blogger had already assigned the address, but I cannot remember which entry that was.)

Now, a drum roll, please.

The new title for the entry about race is "for you, miss?".

Today's reason to repeat a day forever: to never make a mistake or repeat anything.


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