it would be a great idea to stay for some of the other events

Day 62 and Day 121, I recapped entries so far. And, now it’s time to do so again. I also just—finally—went back into all the entries and put in subject “labels” so the entries should be more searchable.

(I’ve also got business cards and postcards to give to people this weekend in Woodstock, so I am hoping the traffic here gets a good boost starting next week.)

Day 122 – you’ve totaled it involved the Bechdel Test of women in film.

Day 123 – i’ve got some errands to run deals with Groundhog Day as Jewish film.

Day 124 – i thought we were going back discounts the cultural crisis surrounding Groundhog Day.

Day 125 – for you, miss? deals with the presence of non-white characters (read: extras) in the film and discuss the concept of the magic negro.

In Day 126 – oh, i’m sorry, I apologize for the magic negro thing… sort of.

Day 127 – this sounds like a science experiment break down the DVD and blu-ray chapter headings.

Day 128 – thanks for watching deals with the way scenes are framed in the film.

Day 129 – i hate fudge starts linking some impromptu quotations to the film, then Day 130 – give me another chance continues that batch.

Day 131 – go with the flow, see what happens involves a bit of a ramble.

I wrote Day 132 – thank you for fixing… after finally correcting the IMDb goofs page for the film… which still hasn’t updated with my changes, 7 weeks later, the slow bastards.

Day 133 – what is the rhone? breaks down the episode of Jeopardy! seen in the film.

Day 134 – there’s something really wrong with… adds a few more goofs for that IMDb goofs page.

Day 135 – i gotta go do this report deals with the redemption of Phil Connors in relation to his role as Christ-Figure.

Day 136 – please believe me details a bit of the benefits and drawbacks of researching other people’s writings about Groundhog Day.

Day 137 – you’ve got to believe me covers a cynical look at the film and introduces the world to the What Would Phil Connors Do? bracelet.

Day 138 – what is going on? provides my edited down version of the film that focuses just on Rita’s experience outside the time loop.

Day 139 – it’s led you here returns to the movie About Time and what I would or wouldn’t do with the ability to travel in time.

Day 140 – it’s hard down there at the bottom deals with O’Reilly—the film does not tell us he’s a wino—then gets into the broader issue of the homeless. And, Day 141 – let’s get you someplace warm continues on with the homeless.

Day 142 – you just fell to sleep happened after I spent a few hours fixing the transcript of the all the film’s dialogue.

Day 143 – we made love like sea otters explores a cheesy TV movie that involves a time loop, 12 Dates of Christmas.

Day 144 – and we’re clear gets us finally to the third (after this one and this one) TV Time Loop Day, in which I watch 7 TV show’s episodes involving time loops.

Day 145 – our nation’s high deals with a Canadian thriller involving a time loop, Repeaters.

Day 146 – this is a restricted area details the death of O’Reilly.

Day 147 – i think this is getting too personal jumps from some comments on the movie her to the question of whether or not I am in a “relationship” with Groundhog Day.

Day 148 – looking foxy tonight, man deals with the 80s-style clothes worn in the film.

In Day 149 – you’re playing yesterday’s tape I review the original trailer for Groundhog Day.

For Day 150 – you don’t like poetry? I composed “The Ballad of Phil Connors.”

Day 151 – that’s not the worst part involves me catching some repeated titles in my entries and going back to fix them. Then, in Day 152 – the fastest jack in jefferson county I go back and fixed titles that had misquotes or typos.

Day 153 – does he have to use the word poopy? is not my return to the topic of poop; rather, it deals with Phil’s attentiveness.

Day 154 – this is an art form compiles the various videos (many of them mashups with other films) I’ve put onto YouTube for this blog.

Day 155 – people just don’t understand what is involved in this provides a look at some of the material I’ve got for this blog.

In Day 156 – we’ve got work to do I finally get into Mary Ellen Benesh’s dissertation, “Becoming Punxstuawney Phil: Symbols and Metaphors of Transformation in Groundhog Day.”

Day 157 – i got your first victim involves Benesh again, specifically on the topic of mandalas.

Day 158 – this thing sticks a little bit returns to About Time because a review in The New Yorker made comparisons to Groundhog Day.

Day 159 – do i hear more? returns to Benesh and the topic of confirmation bias and symbolic convergence,

Day 160 – let’s not spoil it deals with a stage play, Sure Thing which seems suspiciously similar to some elements of Groundhog Day.

Day 161 – don’t mess with me, pork chop deals with Groundhog Day as a metaphor for the ups and downs of dieting.

Day 162 – did you sleep well? details briefly a dream I had involving Ned Ryerson and Phil Connors.

Day 163 – you look like an angel deals with the idea of a shoulder angel, which Phil doesn’t have.

Day 164 – good, clean fun returns to Benesh on the topic of spheres and the color white.

Day 165 – wears on his… starts with a nitpick of Benesh then catalogs the outfits of Phil and Rita through the film.

Day 166 – well, you went to college, right? returns to the breakdown of the script structure in response to something Benesh said.

Day 167 – look out for your shadow, there, pal deals with Jung by way of Benesh.

In Day 168 - wait in the van I share my paper about cinematic Christ-Figures, “From Man of Steel to Groundhog Day: A Proposed Redefinition of the Christ-Figure in Popular Film.”

Day 169 - what’s the worst part? laments the forgetting of a discovery made in regard to Groundhog Day while on the road.

Day 170 – we better get going… drifts away from the memory problem of the day before into sticky wet dreams (which is not as perverse as it sounds).

Day 171 –...if we’re gonna stay ahead of the weather will tell you how sticky wet dreams connect to the theme of Groundhog Day.

Day 172 – sweet dreams finishes up the sticky wet dreams trilogy as I theorize about Phil Connors’ dreams, which brings me back to Benesh in Day 173 – who dreams of you at night, moving from Benesh to Izod to Jung and dream interpretation.

In Day 174 – clear across the rockies and great plains I imagine making a documentary film in which I share Groundhog Day with the world.

Day 175 – i met a girl gets back to Benesh yet again, this time to explore the females in the film as Phil’s anima.

In preparation for my upcoming trip to Woodstock, Day 176 – don’t drive on the railroad tracks positions the filming locations in the movie onto maps of the town. Then, Day 177 – pull over immediately! and Day 178 – i think they want you to stop compare those locations to their current versions by way of Google Maps.

Day 179 – it’s gonna entertain ya present the awesome news: there’s a Groundhog Day musical in the works.

And finally, Day 180 – it would be great to stay for some of the other events lists the last three score or so entries for the ease of you people reading this.

Today’s reason to repeat a day forever: to figure out how to create these indexes more automatically. The labels are nice, but don’t quite do it.


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