she wants to see paris before she dies

I forgot to mention my theory about Doris yesterday... I mean aside from the Felix thing. I think that it would have made more sense if someone in Punxsutawney had cursed Phil rather than Stephanie on the outside--

and for those who have not been keeping up, Stephanie Decastro is the girl Phil went out with a few times but he didn't "have time for a real relationship right now." She was presumably added in Rubin's first revision of the screenplay (but I haven't read that one) and is in Ramis' second revision. She's in all of two scenes. In the second one, she's got a "thick book" called "101 Curses, Spells and Enchantments You Can Do at Home" and she proceeds to put a curse on Phil

--because that character would be in the film more. Since Stephanie is barely present, and is not in the story at all once the curse is in place, the motivation is questionable. She will never benefit from the curse; even if Phil decides that, in being a better person (or whatever it is she wants) he wants to be with her again, he can't. Of course, we can't be sure what Stephanie actually wanted out of the curse because "she mutters incantations in a secret language."

My thing, though, is that it would make more sense if someone like Doris--you know, she watches WPBH news every day, she's got a bit of a crush on that weatherman of theirs and Groundhog Day is coming up, so she gets out her book of curses and traps the man of her dreams in Punxsutawney for a good while. The catch(es): a) she's only got ten bucks to spend at the auction, so she just hopes no one else will want him, and even worse, her ten bucks are a roll of quarters because she had to hook up with Felix for a quickie on her break from work and b) her curse made it so that, while Phil can remember the day repeating, she can't, so she doesn't even know what's going on, maybe doesn't even remember she knew Phil Connors was coming to town and she used a spell to trap him. But, she sure is enamored when he shows up at the Tip Top.

Or not.

Ultimately, Doris loses out at the auction, but maybe she makes do with her dance partner. And maybe he takes her to Paris.

Doris will not be in Woodstock this weekend. She doesn't exist... there. But, I'm sure she will be at the Tip Top (or whatever is currently in that location--I think it's ABC something) in spirit. I will say hello.

Now, I must bid you all adieu as I pack some clothes and things for the trip tomorrow. When next I post, I will be in Woodstock.

Today's reason to repeat a day forever: to see Paris... with someone named Doris.


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