this is an art form

Today’s entry will contain very few words.

I just wanted to compile the various YouTube videos I’ve put together for this project because, though I make them and have shared a few on Facebook, they rarely are useful here in the blog. In fact, I cannot remember having included any of them here.

Note: These are not just clips from the film that I put on YouTube; those I probably have used here when I made them.

Like this one:

The ones I mean to share are this one, which worked out quite well:

And this one (which I’ve had to reedit twice now because for some reason the original version I put on YouTube repeated the first bit for no reason, and then when I reedited, apparently I uploaded the same version again and deleted the new one):

And these two silly ones:

And, I used this Doctor Who one.

But, here is the latest:

Today’s reason to repeat a day forever: to systematically edit bits of Groundhog Day into every other movie I can find.

P.S. The Groundhog Day Project has a Twitter and a Facebook page. Follow and like them respectively and help spread the word. And, if you want to support The Groundhog Day Project financially (so, for example, I can travel to Woodstock, IL for Groundhog Day), you can do that too...


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