we better get going...

Part two: written not in a hotel room but a university auditorium in Salt Lake City, waiting for awards after today's tournament. Had Groundhog Day on out in the snow... well, snow on the ground, not in the air. Anyway, movie was on during the lunchbreak. I even made a round of After Dinner Speaking wait an extra minute as the movie finished.

(For the record, I had walked, with movie still playing in my hand, to the room and let them know of the delay and the reason why. One guy's response: "you got to have hobbies." A better response I got from another guy when I told him I've been watching the movie every day for 170 days was that I was awesome... I believe he called me "a gentleman and a star." So, I got that going for me.)

But anyway, yesterday, I wrote of "watching" the movie in the van while still on the road. Had to do that again later yesterday--which means I have watched at least part of Groundhog Day in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah--and was paying attention for the two things I mentioned.

I think I figured out what line it was I wanted to write about as having different meaning, but that whistling echo--totally missed it (and didn't think to listen for it today).

But, before I get to that line, a story:

Obviously, I couldn't, again, write down what I noticed (or noticed again) because I was driving. So, I tell Victor--President of our team, broke to finals in two of his 4 events today, and happened to be in the front passenger seat yesterday--I needed to remember "stick weather dreams." His immediate response was "sticky wet dreams." He had no idea what I was talking about or what I was trying to remember, but he got those three words stuck in my head.

(Sidenote: today I added "pause" to the list so now the mnemonic device is "sticky... wet dreams." Note the pause. Since, I won't expand much on the pause been, I will explain in this parenthetical. So, Buster's got his speech at Gobbler's Knob:

This February at 7:20 and 30 seconds, Punxsutawney Phil, the seer of seers, prognosticator of prognosticators, emerged reluctantly, but alertly, in Punxsutawney, PA and stated in Groundhogese, “I definitely see a shadow.” Sorry, folks. Six more weeks of winter.

Thing is that on Day 2, Buster pauses a little differently than Day 1. Day 1, he says, "reluctantly. but alertly" but on Day 2, he says, "reluctantly. but. alertly." It's a minor difference in how he pauses between words, but since I like to obsess about the film--surprise, surprise--I've been trying to come up with a legitimate, explainable, reason why Buster would say things differently from one day to the next--think more butterfly effect because of Phil Connors, not random variation from day to day. But, I got nothing.)

So, where was I?

Ah, sticky wet dreams.

Now, consider this part three: written in a hotel room in Salt Lake City. See, awards started and then we went to dinner and then did some speech work for tomorrow. But, I am totally going to remember those three things for inclusion in this blog today...

Or maybe tomorrow. It's after midnight here, getting up about 6 tomorrow. So, I will leave you with this, one more time:

Sticky wet dreams.

Today's reason to repeat a day forever: to leave everything unfinished--our obsession with getting stuff done is ruining us.


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