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Thirty-one minutes into the movie tonight before I start writing. I don’t have much to say. But, I did want to share the following photos, for those who can’t make the Day 365 Party on Friday.

I made some stickers for a few signs in the crowd, the big sign behind the stage and the banner hanging over that. I’m usually a LEGO purist—I occasionally enter contests so I never use non-LEGO pieces in a LEGO set—but I thought I could make an exception just this once.

And, really, that is all for today. Just a few days left. I just went a while without typing anything—1 hour 5 minutes in, Phil just jumped to his death—but I figure on having something more to say in the next couple entries… actually, tomorrow’s entry should be the final recap entry, detailing all the entries since Day 300. Day 364 will mostly be my “final” thoughts on Groundhog Day and on doing this project. Day 365, I hope I will have words from some of you to share with everyone else, plus a recap of the goings on at the Party.

I have spent a lot of time with Groundhog Day in the past year. I could find new angles to approach it from, but they would probably just be rehashed versions of old angles.

Today’s reason to repeat a day forever: to have days where I don’t feel the need to accomplish anything, at all.


  1. Thanks for blogging about my favorite movie everyday.

    I would like to share a story about what Groundhog Day means to me. You may remember me from Woodstock as I was the one handing out Groundhog Day pins with the 6:00 clock & infinity sign. Every year I celebrate the movie by either trekking to Woodstock or hosting parties. I also make handmade Groundhog Day cards for 70-80 of my closest friends and family with notes about what the movie means to me and why they are important to me.

    This year, Stephen Tobolowsky (Needlenose Ned/ Ned the Head) was holding a Kickstarter for a new movie he was trying to raise funds to film. One of his premiere gifts was if you donated a lot of money, I think $2,500 but don't have the exact details, you could get an original script with 3 revisions, a signed note from Stephen and an additional scene that he hand wrote on loose leaf after the banquet scene (I got that!). My brother Conor saw this and sent an email to all my friends and family I invite to Woodstock every year (minus me) asking to help Kickstart funds to get the script for me. There was almost 100% participation as people we donating 10, 20, 100, 250 to help me, it was a mix of the Groundhog Day auction and It's A Wonderful Life where everyone donated money to save George Bailey. My brother was able to articulate to Stephen how big of a fan I am and even negotiate down the price, which Stephen was happy to oblige.

    The gift was presented about 5 months later after my brother's rehearsal dinner. I was very confused what was happened when my brother asked a bar of over 100 people to quiet down and would like to bring my brother up, also the best man. He began to explain the story and I was moved to tears, it was the best moment of my life where everyone came together to get something for me, just because I am huge fan. I think I even said why are you giving this to me, it's not even my wedding.

    The movie has always meant so much to me because I absolutely love how Phil turns his worst day of his life to his best, reminding me that every day we can really make the best no matter the circumstances, plus it's just funny. Now the movie has taken on another meaning to me, it shows me how much I am loved by my family and friends and like Phil at the end of the movie, I am very blessed.

  2. great story. great friends. i will copy this into the final entry, methinks. thanks for reading along. and, yes, i remember you and was planning on wearing your pin to my Day 365 party


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