he's gonna swerve first

Two months since Luc was killed.

Jack just saved a kid from getting hit by a truck--and didn't get thanked.

Oh, watching the season two premiere of Tru Calling - "Perfect Storm."

(In other news, I got my LEGO version of Gobbler's Knob started and I think I figured out all the mechanics for the Groundhog Day board game.)

I'm wondering, as this episode goes, how Jack is as good at what he does as he is. Conversation between Jack and Tru's father implied that the good/bad pairing used to be Tru's mother/Tru's father, and now it is Tru/Jack. There wasn't some interim good rewinder between the time of Tru's mother's death and Tru's first rewind. So, prior to Jack arriving on the scene a few episodes before the end of the first season, he wasn't acting against anyone, so he shouldn't be as good at this as he is.

Less important nitpick: Jack was not there when Tru got information on the boating emergency so he shouldn't have expected that she'd know which boat full of college kids was going to be involved...

And, out of context, that probably means very little. Basically, Jack assumed that Tru would know extra information--she did happen to have this piece of information, but just by chance.

Anyway, there isn't much left to this show. It was cancelled and there are only six episodes for the second season.

Episode 2:2 - "Grace"

Tru's father moved into town and Harrison took a job at his firm in the previous episode. As far as timing goes, it's been a week since the previous episode. First nitpick: Tru's father says Tru's track record (at saving people) has been great since what happened to Luc. Thing is, Jack was out of the picture from that point until last week, so yeah, Tru's track record should have been great.

Next nitpick: Tru should know what the DSM is; she's a med student.

I watched Groundhog Day before Tru Calling today. Weird thing, for the first time it sounded to me like Ned actually pronounced the "heck fire." Normally--i.e. for the previous 333 days and numerous other viewings before that--I hear "heck fi remember" not "heck fire remember." Without clear enunciation--and Stephen Tobolowsky's Ned Ryerson certainly speaks quickly--the two sound very similar, but I have just never heard the latter even once before. I actually backed up and listened again and it was right back to "heck fi remember."

Extra loop this episode, after a second person is killed.

Episode 2:3 - "In the Dark"

Nice twist on the usual setup in this one: Tru didn't even see the dead body, just heard the voice, so she doesn't even know who she's trying to save.

Once again, Jack has more information than Tru does. With only three more episodes after this, I'm guessing there will not be time to explain where Jack gets his information.

Another twist ending and...

Today's reason to repeat a day forever: to invent a different twist ending to each of my days.


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