i gotta go

Board game finished, just a couple weeks until Day 365. And, some speech team folk were over tonight--still here actually--to play some games. It is 1:07 AM. I'm starting to feel like there is nothing left to say.

Which seems wrong.

There is always more to say. Always.



Or not.

Perhaps if we'd played Groundhog Day: The Board Game tonight, but we were too busy with a few rounds of We Didn't Playtest This at All, a round of Zombie Dice, Carcassonne, Tsuro, a couple long rounds of Munchkin, and now Cards Against Humanity.

I will have to get my kids to try out the Groundhog Day board game again tomorrow. In the meantime, Groundhog Day was entertaining today... a lot of reciting lines along with the film, a lot of complaining about Rita (from both me and my daughter Saer). Some talk (with my sister Bobbie) about dessert for the Day 365 party. Going with some thematic links to the film.


It isn't that it is late. It isn't that the year of Groundhog Day is nearly complete. I'm in a weird sort of place, even more mellow than usual. Groundhog Day can cheer you up. Groundhog Day can offer you a moment of sadness, a moment of joy, a moment of thought, a moment of meditation, a moment to question the romantic comedy as a genre, a moment to wonder if life is so very repetitive that a time loop wouldn't make that much of a difference. I've written so many words on Groundhog Day... I don't mean to sound as if I am tired of the film. I still enjoy it, which is remarkable because... ok, a brief story to explain. Head coach for the speech team did his thesis on, well, something to do with the movie Memento. Anyway, his wife tells me he can't watch that movie any more. I don't know how many times he watched it, but I'm guessing it was more than a few and less than 365. I am still not at that point, myself. With Memento or Groundhog Day. Maybe I'm just weird. Movies don't get old for me. Movies generally, movies specifically.


Today's reason to repeat a day forever: to watch all the movies. Seriously, all of them, ever.


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