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This entry is for new arrivals. It is unfortunate that a sad event--the death of Harold Ramis--might bring me new readers, but I welcome you nonetheless. This is The Groundhog Day Project where I watch Groundhog Day every day--today is day 210--and blog about it (or inspired by it). If you want to catch up, there are indexes (of everything prior to February) on Day 180, Day 121, and Day 62.

Or, if you just want to understand why I'm doing this, maybe read this, this or this.

In the meantime...

I meant to write about e' gia Ieri today. That translates as "it's already yesterday" but the film is also known as Stork Day. It's the Italian remake of Groundhog Day. Variety, 15 February 2004, tells us that producer Riccardo Tozzi and director Giulio Manfredonia "were talking about making a 'what if' comedy and decided to go straight to that subgenre's original source."

The thing is, I never managed to watch it today. And, it's already 11:23 at night, the date night sequence of Groundhog Day is underway and I'm blogging without a plan. See, I got busy today with, well, life stuff. For example, my daughter Saer--she's 11--debuted as Scout in a high school stage production of To Kill a Mockingbird tonight. I got her to agree that rehearsing the same play day after day for six weeks now was like repeating the day over and over again just so I had an excuse to mention it in this blog... well, that and it was a big part of the reason I didn't have time to watch both Stork Day and Groundhog Day today. My son, Kieran--he's 14--suggested that if I watched Stork Day I didn't have to watch Groundhog Day. There's an argument to be made there, certainly; Danny Rubin and Harold Ramis are both credited on the film--

(I am not sure what they are credited for exactly. I haven't watched the movie yet and all the text on the case, including the teeny tiny credits, are in Italian. It says:

soggetto di DANNY RUBIN sceneggiatura di DANNY RUBIN e HAROLD RAMIS adattamento della sceneggiatura di VALENTINA CAPECCI GIULIO MANFREDONIA e ANDRS KOPPEL con la collaborazione di FABIO BONIFACCI

I assume that's the same as "story by" Danny Rubin, "Screenplay by" Danny Rubin and Harold Ramis, "Adapted by Valentina Capecci, Giulio Manfredonia and Andrs Koppel with the collaboration of Fabio Bonifacci. However, I don't want to translate anything yet. For example, on the front cover it says il giorno in cui perse il tempo trovo' l'amore. There's something about time and something about love in there. That's good enough for me, for now.)

--but as there are only two rules for The Groundhog Day Project, I don't want to break one on a technicality. It just seems wrong. When I find the time to watch Stork Day, I will also watch Groundhog Day that day (maybe tomorrow), just like I watched Groundhog Day on each TV Time Loop Day and on the day I watched The Butterfly Effect, the day I watched Repeaters, the day(s) I watched 12:01 PM or Time Freak... These other movies and TV shows are extras. They cannot replace Groundhog Day.

Phil is falling to his death right now, by the way. It's 11:41 PM.

And, Larry just said, "He was a really great guy. I really really liked him... a lot." That reminded me of something I wanted to admit. I wanted to use the first or second part of that, or both, for my initial entry in response to the death of Harold Ramis, but I had apparently already used the second part. There were also some quite obvious bits of dialogue I could have used that I deliberately resisted. For example, "He just passed away." That's a bit too on-the-nose.


I was just distracted by Twitter for a bit. Notably, I learned that Angela Gollan (aka "Piano Student" aka Kate/Katie) has a Twitter. The auction is going on now. Crowd shots remind me, I should do a sequel to my labeling entry, simply noting extras that get to be in more than one location.

Or I should write about Stripes, which I watched last night. Except, the most notable thing I have to say about it--it had been a while since I'd seen it--was that structurally it seemed a heck of a lot like Police Academy (or I suppose that's vice versa, since Stripes came out first, but I'm more familiar with Police Academy because it was a film we had on VHS when I was a kid.

I could also still potentially watch Day Break or Tru Calling or Somewhere in Time for this blog as well. Maybe I'll still get to all that. I've still got over 150 days left.

Today's reason to repeat a day forever: to watch every movie, every adaptation, every remake, every ripoff, every, well, everything, and compare and contrast them all... thoroughly.

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