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Late Sunday night in Woodstock, with no plans to head into the square again before driving to the airport Monday morning, I realized I had neglected a location marked on my downtown map… this one:

See it on the right. I had briefly walked past the spot where Phil steps in front of the moving truck but that was on the trek to Cherry Street during the second tour, and that particular spot is not part of the tour, and I didn’t even notice where we were… at the time. Realized it later but neglected to get back. So, late Sunday night, I knew I was headed into the square one more time before I left.

Monday morning, I got shots in both directions (north and south) at that corner.

Also, I parked right where Larry parked the van.

Aside from the library photos, today’s post should exhaust, finally, my collection of photos from Woodstock. First, some random stuff (a couple of which did get on Twitter but haven’t been in this blog yet… I don’t think).

First, the Groundhog Day pin made by Kyle Sweeney:

Next, how I spent some time Saturday night in the motel. Alas, I had no hat handy.

This one I took because a) it’s a good example of the local businesses’ decorating for the holiday and b) unfortunately, it’s also an example of what the holiday is not called.

This alley and apartment building are rather cool looking but were located in the southeast corner of the square, which didn’t get in the film much at all.

(More on that when I get around to my notes on the walking tours… which I can’t believe I haven’t done yet. I knew I’d be able to fill at least a week with notes and photos from my weekend in Woodstock, but at this point it may be at least two weeks, and that’s not even counting the times in the future when I might reference any of this stuff again.)

This statue has nothing to do with Groundhog Day but I spotted it right after I photographed City Hall and thought it was kinda cool (especially covered in snow). Note: the “adult” here is about the size of a child in actuality, so this is not lifesize.

This is the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple, a couple blocks south of the square, used to be a Unitarian Church. In fact, the Buddhist Temple part started in the basement while the rest was still an operating church, Joan (apparently the only person in the entire building) told me. We had a brief but interesting conversation about Groundhog Day and Buddhism. I took neither notes nor photos inside.

Following are a lot of location photos, some which will come in handy when I feel like comparing reality to shots in the movie in the future. For now, they will simple… be.

And, finally, some photos regarding the location correction for the snowball fight. These will get labeled better, and compared to screencaps, when I go over the walking tour in more detail.

Today’s reason to repeat a day forever: screw it, I am backtracking… to take photos of every location in every movie ever… within traveling distance of wherever my time loop begins of course.


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