if you want to come back tomorrow, i could—

i have been stabbed, shot, poisoned, frozen, hung, electrocuted and burned.

That's the last time I did a recap post, and that was too long ago. As Groundhog Day plays tonight, I shall recap a few entries.

For example, back in September, I watched a few romantic comedies, starting with When Harry Met Sally...:

Day 395 - men and women can't be friends got into the definition of romantic comedy. Day 396 - write about things that happen to other people gets a little personal because I do that from time to time. Day 397 - sit with someone and not have to talk gets into the commentary track. Day 398 - the only person i knew in new york is me getting annoyed with Annie Hall as a side project in my week of When Harry Met Sally..., and suggests that a romantic comedy needs to be urban. Day 399 - i'm too structured gets into Social Penetration Theory and my general approach to blogging about movies. Day 400 - one of the secrets that no one ever tells you is about the friendzone. Day 401 - the sex part always gets in the way finishes off When Harry Met Sally... by introducing a little Jane Austen.

Then came Moonstruck. First, Day 402 - love don't make things nice deals with singular moments that lead us into relationships. Day 403 - she's dying. but i could still hear her big mouth starts to get into the connection to La Boheme. Day 404 - you tell me a story and you think you know what it means continues into that connection as I watch La Boheme in addition to Moonstruck. Day 405 - but i can see what the true story is gets into the commentary track. Day 406 - it's not really a story returns to La Boheme, suggesting that it and the film do not play well together. Day 407 - the past and future is a joke to me now gets into a few nitpicks. And, Day 408 - i'm not eating alone does not talk about Italian Americans, instead opting to argue that love is silly.

Day 409 - the fatal love potion begins my week with The Mirror Has Two Faces be jumping around from mirrors to la petite mort and our inability to step into the same river twice. Day 410 - anything you want to talk about gets into Dowd and Pallotta's (2000) "norms and rules governing romance." Day 411 - academic opinions that are purely subjective argues that Greg (Jeff Bridges' character in the film) has "manufactured a position that is unsustainable" by trying to have a marriage without sex (love). Day 412 - divisible by themselves involves reflections and Day 413 - everything is about sex involves sexual innuendo, while Day 414 - how childishly you're behaving involves Genderlect Styles. Day 415 - a soulless manipulation demonstrates how, no matter how much it may try to be otherwise, The Mirror Has Two Faces is still just a romantic comedy.

Day 416 - we both screw people for money starts off my week with Pretty Woman by immediately getting into the original script--$3,000--and already complaining, when I hadn't even realized just how much I would dislike this movie soon enough. Day 417 - i needed a little pick-me-up suggests that this film is almost a critique of capitalism but a failure at being a fairy tale. Day 418 - i don't need any romantic hassles this week, on the other hand, is a bit of my critique of capitalism via Pretty Woman. Day 419 - i refuse to spend the next three days fighting with you is my attempt to like Pretty Woman. It almost works. Day 420 - who does it really work out for? does a little better job of suggesting this movie is actually pretty good even while being cynical about love. Day 421 - only cause you're paying me is me "finding the good." Day 422 - we lost our way returns to $3,000 because I think I like it more than Pretty Woman.

And, then, with a month of romantic comedies behind me, I returned to Groundhog Day for Day 423 - i need someone to give me a good hard slap in the face, in which I prove the film is not a romantic comedy.

Then came my month of slasher films, which ran a little differently; instead of watching each movie seven times, I watched a different slasher film each day, tracking the genre through several decades. I will mostly just list them here:

And, I returned to my old friend Groundhog Day again with Day 457 - no matter what happens tomorrow or for the rest of my life.

Instead of a genre of films, the next two months dealt with holiday movies. First up was Thanksgiving. And, first up for Thanksgiving was Planes, Trains & Automobiles, beginning with Day 458 - everything is not an anecdote. Day 459 - a million bucks shy of being a millionaire deals with how American this movie is. Day 460 - have a gay old time posits the film as romantic comedy. Day 461 - the last thing i want to be remembered as is an annoying blabbermouth is a short bit about dates and routes. Day 462 - i talk to much. i also listen too much is me connecting with this movie. Day 463 -what you see involves a handful of screencaps. And, Day 464 - if you catch me running off with my mouth… is about John Candy and his character of Del Griffith.

Next up for Thanksgiving was Dutch, staring with a comparison to Planes, Trains & Automobiles with Day 465 - i'm a little surprised to see myself here, too. Day 466 - you got any amusing anecdotes? deals with class and things we don't see in Dutch. The class thing continues in a piece about the titular character: Day 467 - a working-class nobody . Day 468 - no better way for two guys to get to know each other… expands on that since both Dutch and Doyle are unlikable, and that circles right back into class with Day 469 - …than to spend a couple days in a car. Day 470 - i'm not taking anymore of your crap provides some of the best and worst moments in Dutch. Day 471 - i think this makes us even deals with class, film audiences, Thanksgiving and Freud.

Day 472 - if i told you the long version… begins my week with Pieces of April. Day 473 - the most perfect thing ever involves some play-by-play and Day 474 - if not now, when? justifies having assholes as characters... and hypothesizes a time-loop version of this story. Day 475 - too many memories deals with damaged people on the way to hope. Day 476 - in the kitchen deals with the metaphor of the titular April as Thanksgiving turkey. Day 477 - i am so critical… is me running out of negative things to say while Day 478 - ...it's one of my worst faults is me relating to April.

The month of Thanksgiving movies ended with Home for the Holidays. Day 479 - what life is all about starts the week with some play-by-play. Day 480 - i'm half crazy and Day 481 - clown family get into family. Day 482 - isn't it just too perfect, what i did? breaks down the script. Day 483 - time doesn't matter starts getting into the inherent nostalgia in holidays. Day 484 - shoveling the turkey and stuffing the snow details how American Thanksgiving food tends to be. Day 485 - i wish i had it all on tape ties family to memory to nostalgia.

And, then I returned to Groundhog Day again. Day 486 - can i be serious with you for a minute? takes all the stuff from the Thanksgiving movies--learning to accept other people, appreciating family, appreciating difference, wanting to go backward into our memories--and jumps off of all those, through Groundhog Day, into something more personal. It happens.

My month of Christmas movies begins with Home Alone, starting with Day 487 - all the great ones leave their mark, a fairly basic review. Day 488 - it's no big deal gets into why Kevin should not be afraid of Old Man Marley. Day 489 - i'm not afraid anymore delves into the creation of self, and that continues in Day 490 - old enough to know how it works. Then, I return to Old Man Marley (this time as a Christ-Figure) in Day 491 - when christ was born. Day 492 - through his funhouse details the injuries sustained by the Wet Bandits. And, Day 493 - the season of perpetual hope argues that Home Alone is, in fact, not a Christmas movie.

I returned to slasher films, while still dealing with Christmas, with Black Christmas, which was a little confusing at first, as mentioned in Day 494 - it's a new exchange, but I was able to pay a little better attention the next day with Day 495 - insinuating stuff and not coming out with what they mean. Day 496 - stop me is me disagreeing with the movie's twist ending, as is Day 497 - i still want to do those things, sort of. Watching Silent Night, Deadly Night prompted me to get into the Canadian film industry and the state of horror films at the time Black Christmas was made in Day 498 - expanding his act. This led into an exploration of male melodrama and slasher films (again) with Day 499 - come right out and say it. Finally, Day 500 - the party's over gets into urban legends, specifically "The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs."

Christmas got less deadly with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, starting with a basic review in Day 501 - the warm embrace of kith and kin. Day 502 - resolving differences and seeing through the petty problems of family life brings us back to family. But, Day 503 - i don't want to spend the holidays dead counters that a bit. Day 504 - standards that no family even can ever live up to justifies holiday nostalgia and returns somewhat to the formation of self. Day 505 - you shouldn't use that word, my daughter watches the movie and comments, and I respond. Day 506 - the man was… was wearing a blue leisure suit is about the yuppie couple next door and the purpose they serve in this film. Day 507 - best to just let him finish is what about my experience with Christmas movies.

My month of Christmas movies ended with A Christmas Story. Day 508 - infinitely subtle devices explains how this movie is actually about Christmas more than the previous movies. Day 509 - everybody knows that suggests a sort of universal relatability to A Christmas Story. Day 510 - speaking in strange tongues is about what goes into a story. Day 511 - his true medium comes back to the universal thing. Day 512 - has anyone seen flick? details a few other movies involving the Parker family. Day 513 - he knows. he always knows is about the panopticon of of Santa Claus and Christmas. Day 514 - the soft glow of electric sex suggests that A Christmas Story is about the conflict between discovering sex and remaining a child.

And, tonight I had Groundhog Day on once again. But, there was so much going into this entry, I had little to say... though, I think Rita might have a donut addiction and Phil might actually have spent some time homeless. Anyway, this entry is Day 515 - if you want to come back tomorrow, i could—.

The next month will be slightly different. So that I can watch Groundhog Day again on Groundhog Day, I am adding an extra movie. But, it will only have six viewings. The other four will have seven as "usual." And, they will all be action movies from the 1980s.


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