socially acceptable insanity

In theory, this is the final entry about her. Really, it’s a recap entry, the first since this blog was reborn. By the way, this movie is more sad to me each viewing.

The last recap was Day 1000 – one of those what-does-it-all-mean kind of things.

I picked up where I left off, lingering on High Fidelity with 1001 1002 1003 and 1004, then it was Groundhog Day for the second of the month with Day 1005.

The new month got a little stuck on Mike Mills’ films.

Then it got… weird. With King Arthur, obituaries, and the structure of teams/casts.

Then Groundhog Day, but also Wonder Woman for 1036 and this female-centric month got underway.

Except, I’ve said nothing about her today—Day 1065—mostly because it’s a busy, fun day—dressing like a pirate and playing games—and I owed this blog a recap day.

I’ll offer this: take a break from your phone, from your screens, and spend some time with real people. Especially women. They’re awesome.


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