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Any time spent with bad movies must include "Manos": The Hands of Fate.

Why do they sing "Row Row Row Your Boat"? Hell, why, in Troll 2, was that the "song I like so much" for the mother?

What is this background music?

It's almost poetic that the subtitles on Amazon Prime's copy of the movie are timed ahead of the bad voiceover. It's like they wanted to see if they could make the experience even worse.






Considering the technical difficulties--they couldn't record sound and could only film up to 32 seconds at a time--this film isn't that bad... Well, except for the atrocious dialogue and the bad acting.






The other couple that keeps making out and getting run off by the cops--is that going to connect to the "plot"? (It's been a while since I've watched this movie and I don't remember.)






I can't help but feel like there is some deep message to this movie. Like some commentary on the sexual revolution or women's liberation... But, ti's just so... Boring? And bad. Actively bad. This one may take a while to appreciate.


  1. The entire subplot with the couple in the car was a bone throne to the actress who played the girl in the sequences. She was supposed to play one of the wives of Manos but injured her leg. The whole subplot about the couple in the car making out, was the director being nice and creating a role so she would still be in the film.

    Also, the music for Manos isn't THAT bad ("Do Thing With Me" being the only notable exception). It's got a decent ethereal vibe that works given the context of the film.

    Also, there is no real deep message to the film; it was a cheap horror film made on a dare and if anything can be read into it, Manos basically promotes the Lovecraftian message that it's a horrible universe out there and bad shit can happen to you if you stray from the normal path, as seen by the fate of the family at the end.


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