Monday, April 23, 2018

i’m going to be around to see 1985

Movies blend together sometimes. That's the life of a person like me, watching movies all the time for decades. Marty talks about how great that 4x4 is and wants to take it up to the lake, and I'm thinking of the 4x4 from the opening sequence of The Goonies and the lake trips from The Last Starfighter.






And, I realize there might be very little to actually say about Back to the Future. I almost watched the trilogy a few years ago in time for the 30th anniversary, but opted not to because of this very problem.

One thing, though: when Doc first drives the DeLorean out of his truck and gets out, there's smoke inside of both. And, some weird tube thing attached to Doc's hand--

--and I think we can assume Doc has been sitting in that truck smoking something special (like the band later in the movie) while he waits for Marty's arrival and his own potential demise. It ain't just head injuries that put DeLorean time machines in your mind.






And, I found a flaw. Lorraine's dad sets up a tv on a moving stand so they can "watch Jackie Gleason while we eat" as if it's just the moving bit that is new, but a moment later Lorraine tells Marty, "Our first television set. Dad just picked it up today."






And, back to movies blending together. Marty steals that kid's scooter like Brand stole that other kid's bicycle.






And, I'm just sitting here, enjoying the movie and reading about the Westermarck Effect and theorizing how it actually makes sense that Lorraine would be attracted to Marty under the circumstances.

And thinking a bit about the future.

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