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Today is brief. Well, no, today still takes 24 hours like any other day. But, today’s entry here will be brief. IMDb still hasn’t updated the goofs page for Groundhog Day with my corrections… and I say that as if it has been a long wait. It has been just under 48 hours. Perhaps I should be more patient.

Anyway, today I just want to share the additions I will be making tonight to that same page, which I hope doesn’t delay the original changes. Still, these changes must be added.

1. Inside the bowling alley, we see a guy bowl a strike and he has a friend sitting at the scoring table. Cut to Phil talking, then a wide shot that includes Gus and Ralph and the bowler and his friend are gone.

2. Behind Phil as he passed the homeless old man is a girl with an upside-down “Phil” sign. On the first three days of the time loop, she has a friend walking with her. Then, her friend disappears.

3. Since Gobbler’s Knob was crowded with people all morning and it did not snow in Punxsutawney all day, there should not be enough snow for Phil and Rita to make a snowman or have much of a snowball fight.

4. The location by the gazebo at Gobbler’s Knob where Phil finds Nancy on the 5th day is visible on previous days and Nancy is not there.

I’ve decided not to include the time-jumping military guy and blueboy and the Matrix-style déjà vu glitch woman outside the Tip Top window on god day because they actually seem a little too, well… it isn’t that I think they are too nitpicky but it will take a whole paragraph to really explain any of them. I may change my mind later.

Also, I haven’t been writing these things down as I discover them, so I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten.

Today’s reason to repeat a day forever: to learn patience so I can put up with slow updates like IMDb’s, and tolerance so I can put up with being called trivial and irrelevant by a Wikipedia editor, and marketing skills so I can get a wider audience.


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