don’t you just love love?

I was... am tempted to keep today's entry short, to say something simple and cheesy about love. I told my daughter Saer this and she took my keyboard and wrote the following:

Happy Valentines Day to my beautiful readers! I can't find the words to properly express how much I love you all for the support you show by reading this blog. But I guess that's what Valentine's Day is all about--love. And the world needs more of it. I'd hug all my readers if it were possible but it is not, and it's sad so *cyber hugs* LOVE.

I was going to go with something shorter. Like love is love.

Whether or not you want to believe that Alvie and Boots are gay, there is definitely love between them, and they definitely play well at being domestic, at being parents. And, if you watch this movie and don't feel some empathy and love for both of them and for Savannah, you have no heart.

Watching this as a kid--and remember that when this movie came out I was a year younger than Savannah (though I don't actually recall if I ever saw this movie on the big screen)--I was increasingly older than Savannah, but the idea of uncaring parents--that's weirdly universal. Even if you've got good parents, parents who love you, there are inevitably those times that they have their own stuff going on and they neglect their attention for you. And love doesn't feel so... Unbeatable?

But, despite the tragic ending here, the love of these two men for the titular Savannah is too powerful as to be corny or cheesy.

It just is.


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