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What's the point of Kiss Me Goodbye? I mean, sure, it's entertaining. Sure, it deals (quite shallowly) in themes of love and loss and moving on--

The first thing we hear in the film is the song "But It's a Nice Dream" which includes the following lyrics:

We'll go away
Make love all day
You'll never stay
But it's a nice dream

Just me for you
Our whole life through
It won't come true
But it's a nice dream


I'm sorry that it went so fast
Our future has become our past
Too good we couldn't last

And our first images of Jolly are flashbacks and his painting, which is him from behind, looking over his shoulder. And, something I never got as a kid is that Jolly it just there to help Kay move on. As a kid, I always thought he showed up simply because she moved back into their townhouse, and the timing with her upcoming wedding was a coincidence.

I probably figured out otherwise somewhere since, but I remember the film being more silly when I was young. Like, oh there's a ghost of her ex husband, now we laugh. The movie has more serious things to talk about, though but it tries to do both and ends up a mixed tonal bag.

Since I had a problem as a kid planning ahead for the future, I wonder what this film's notion of moving on meant to me. Or if I even thought about it.

White people problems. Which guy should Kay choose? The dead ex who is only good for a conversation. Or the nice guy who puts up with your crap a bit more than he probably should.

This isn't a movie about big ideas, or about big problems. It's just these few people, in this particular moment in their well-to-do lives.


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