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Back to photos, and still Saturday, because the symposium was Saturday.

That’s Craig Krandel, member of the Inner Square Committee and announcer for the symposium and the official breakfast. And, I met him Saturday morning at bowling.

The audience, of course. And, Danny Rubin:

After the symposium, Rubin autographed little movie posters. I stuck around on the stage, met a few of the more obsessive fans (like Kyle Sweeney) and talked a bit with Mitchell Olson (the host of the symposium).

I wrote my blog that day at the bar in the Pour House, just a few feet from this:

The next morning, it was cold but there was no more snow falling.

And, of course there was the prognostication.

Then, the official breakfast at the VFW.

Craig mentioned me early on. But, there was breakfast service, the high school girls singing group Premium Blend, and a polka band playing before I got to go on stage to kick off the Groundhog Day trivia contest.

I sat at a table with, among other people, Mike, the New York Times reporter, Richard Henzel, DJ One in the film, and Bob Hudgins, location manager for the film.

Having run out of cash, I didn’t get any souvenirs at the breakfast, but made my way to Read Between the Lynes for a souvenir glass. They had a nice groundhog display by their door.

Then it was time to once again to watch Groundhog Day on the big screen.

Before the tour, I stopped by the Stage Left Café and noticed this on the wall.

Before the crowd gathered for the tour, Woodstock Willie was lingering about.

Some tour photos will come later when I deal with movie locations in a separate entry, but some follow.

I’ve mentioned that at Mary’s (the Piano Teacher’s House), we were given hot chocolate by the girl who lived there.

Then, I got a nice shot of the tree from which the boy falls.

And, the tour ended at the Cherry Street Inn (now the Grand Victorian).

By the time we got back to the square it was like there had been no special occasion. The place was mostly empty.

I wandered around, found City Hall, where they used the mayor’s office for the psychiatrist’s office in the movie.

I also found the library but that will have its own entry because there was a lot of Groundhog Day stuff on display.

The last thing I did before I went to my motel was get a shot of the police station, which I was told was an empty building at the time of filming, and the crew kept equipment there.

Today’s reason to repeat a day forever: to never take another photo again.


  1. Great pictures, have enjoyed reading the blog. Keep up the good work.



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