close call, folks

I swear there's a line--I thought it was in May or Grodal but I can't find it--that says that the ending of the film provides Phil another chance to "control" Rita. I'm not sure how accurate that description is but Rita is a bit robotic on February 3rd. Have a look:

Anyway, that bit of awkward movement on Rita's (or rather Andie MacDowell's) part, is one of the things that bugs me lately when I watch Groundhog Day.

There's also another awkward Rita bit when Phil tells her "we had a beautiful day together once" then heads off to steal the groundhogs, Rita remains behind, standing by the van with nothing to do.

Anyway, I'm sure there are other things, so I'm going to list them as the movie goes.

So, the plan, arriving in Punxsutawney, is Larry drops off Rita at the Pennsylvanian Hotel, drives Phil over to the Cherry Street Inn, then goes back to the Pennsylvanian. Why not drop off Phil first, you know, "keep the talent happy" by not making him drive the extra bit. Filmwise, then we wouldn't get the scene of Rita patronizing Phil when he's got a perfectly reasonable excuse to not want to stay at the Pennsylvanian. But, inside the story, that back and forth with the van makes no sense.

Noticed this a while ago but it still bugs me--Nancy is not at Gobbler's Knob on Day 1. Phil walks past the spot where she should be and the camera angle should include her, but she's not there.

Why is there a dog-shaped lamp on the windowsill of Phil's little sink alcove? And, with its cord dangling behind the towel rack no less. That's just dangerous. And, there are already two lights on the wall by the mirror anyway.

It isn't what is in the film that bugs me for this next one but something I imagine (but that isn't included). When Phil crashes Gus' car, Gus hurts his knee. For some reason I imagine that he left the Navy because of an injury involving his knee. I'm not sure why.

A bit of Rita's horribleness that I realized I haven't commented on before: she recites a poem specifically to insult Phil then asks in a tone that should not be so innocent, "What? You don't like poetry?" No, he doesn't like poetry deliberately used to insult his character. That's a trait common to we humans, I would think.

But, Rita the Robot wouldn't get that...

As Phil writes his note to Rita on "god" day, Rita asks, "Larry?" as if she has no idea who Phil is talking about.

And, today's reason to repeat a day forever: to be bugged more.


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