Saturday, October 12, 2013

i know that's what i said

An aside before I get into what may amount to, well, not much. See, I'm going to listen to Harold Ramis' commentary track again, see if something new jumps out after watching the movie so many more times since I did it before. The aside: upon turning off the film last night, I turned on a rerun of Seinfeld on KDOC and it's "The Heart Attack," originally aired 25 April 1991. And, guess who was on the screen: none other than a pre-Ned Ryerson Stephen Tobolowsky. Didn't get to see much of the episode as it was nearly over, but I might watch it when I'm ready to write a whole entry about Tobolowsky.

Today, it's Harold Ramis...

I mentioned before that they picked Woodstock and not the actual Punxsutawney because it had the nice town center they wanted--the real Gobbler's Knob is in a wooded area outside of Punsxsutawney--but amusingly Ramis also goes as far as to say that this is what Punxsutawney was "supposed to look like."

"Cheap--the shovel hit, but necessary."

(Not in the commentary but I just noticed--another benefit of watching the clearer DVD copy this week--that they actually put a Cherry St. sign across from the bed and breakfast. The exterior was actually on Fremont.)

(Still not in the commentary--apparently, I covered the commentary pretty well last time--I've noticed that the production must have been given fairly unlimited access to Cass St. in Woodstock. It's the street Phil meets Ned on every morning, it's the street where part of the car ride with Gus and Ralph gets going, it's the street where he robs the armored truck, it's where the PBH van is parked (when we see Phil talking to Rita inside it, and when Phil pulls out the distributor cap), it's where Phil steals the truck with the groundhog in it, and it's the street where he changes the old ladies' tire. I guess when a film uses your town for its town center, you let them have it.)

Phil mentions the sunlight hitting the buildings in Rome and Ramis calls him "delightfully insincere." Good phrase.


And, there wasn't much to say today. Not much new stuff to discover listening to the commentary again. Instead, I was locating a few more spots on google maps--but no images this time; instead I may just do a whole series of map images sometime when I'm back on my computer at home. With the help of some people who obsessed about this stuff before I did, I've marked the rock quarry, the gas station, and Mary's house in addition to the locations I mentioned before.

Today's reason to repeat a day forever: to perfect the art of writing blog entries this short, but that also say really complicated things (unlike this one).

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