did you sleep well?

You might think that after this many days of watching Groundhog Day every day--today is Day 162--I would dream about the movie every night and live and breathe it every day. But, I don't. In fact, before last night (or, technically, this morning) I hadn't had a dream that involved the movie. I do think about the movie outside of blog time. I think I've mentioned that before. I read articles and essays and screenplays, and recently a play, a couple books--those things weren't all read during the movie or as I wrote blog entries. Well, some may have been. There have been times that I've written a blog and done the research for it at the same time. Like a 1 hour 41 minute long research project.

But, I already detailed a bit of what goes on behind the scenes. The point is I've got plenty of other stuff on my mind beside Groundhog Day. And, until this morning, Groundhog Day had not invaded my sleep.

I can't say the dream was particularly exciting, unfortunately. I barely remember it, and it didn't go anywhere because my alarm interrupted it. I know that, in the dream, it was late at night and I was flipping through channels on TV and I found a documentary about groundhogs and the onscreen hosts were Ned Ryerson and Phil Connors (or maybe Stephen Tobolowsky and Bill Murray). Ned was in the foreground, talking to the camera, over-enunciating as he is wont to do. Phil was in the background chasing some groundhogs around in a dry grassy area that looks more like African savannah than, say, Pennsylvania. Both men were dressed in their usual costumes, even their coats, though it didn't look cold. And, I think Ned was a bit annoyed that Phil was just running around, leaving all the reporting to him (Ned).

I wish there were more, or that I felt like making up more. I thought it was pretty cool that I had the dream at all because there have been several people who have asked me if I dream about the movie. Now, when people ask that, I can say yes.

Today's reason to repeat a day forever: to get so much sleep that I can't tell the dreams from the real stuff.


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