i got ten bucks that says you're mine

There's something a little off about Doris. She stares at Phil on Day 3 when he's at the Tip Top... and she doesn't just stare; she leans toward him, over the table, staring. Sure, he's a sort of celebrity, but it still comes across a little weird.

Then--and this is a new extrapolation--she's got a thing going on with Felix, who's married. She adjusts her bra as she approaches him, then she asks him for a roll of quarters? Yeah, there's no innuendo there at all.

And, at the big party, she's dancing away with some other guy, but drops him like a bad habit when it comes time to maybe buy herself some Phil Connors for ten bucks.

And, it's hard to write more tonight. Allergies and a long day, and I'm getting old--it's my birthday today, January 29.

Interesting thing about today--14 years ago, Danny Rubin was working his way up to writing Groundhog Day... actually, it was probably still just called Time Machine in his head. See it was that day that he figured out what day would be looping. He figured "that the film could revolve around the main character’s birthday or some anniversary significant to the character." And

While pondering all of this I started thumbing through my calendar, looking for ideas. Perhaps something would jump out at me. I didn’t have to thumb very far. The day I began working on all of this was January 29. The first day of interest that I encountered?

February 2, Groundhog Day,

So, it was on my birthday that Groundhog Day became Groundhog Day. I figure that makes it a gift Danny Rubin gave to me, except it took this many years for me to realize it and he still doesn't know. I also won't tell him if I get the chance to talk to him this Sunday in Woodstock. That would be awkward. I might have to offer to buy him a drink, though...

Then, I'll order whatever drink he does and claim that's my favorite drink, it always make me think of Punxsutawney (or would Woodstock make more sense?), the way the snow sits on the ground in the winter time.

Not really. I'm not that crazy. Although, if I get the chance to buy him for ten bucks, I will totally do that.

Today's reason to repeat a day forever (maybe this coming Sunday): to Phil Connor Danny Rubin.


  1. Great post -- thanks for sharing this again with us -- timeless themes that keep reminding us about what's important and what isn't


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