how do you know these people?

There will not be a lot of words today. Yesterday I actually had the blog entry ready before the movie was even on (because I shared part of a paper I’m working on for grad school dealing with Phil Connors as Christ-Figure) so I was trying to watch closely, see if I could spot anything new on the blu-ray copy. The only thing I really noticed new was that at the end of god day, when Rita is asleep in Phil’s room, someone has eaten one of the chocolates that is always on the table. So, I guess they skipped dinner and the candy shop.

See, I’m doing something different today. I’m labeling things.

This might take a while to load. What you’ll be seeing is some labeled screencaps, with character names and some nicknames I’ve put on some extras. Enjoy.

And, that’s enough of that… for now.

Today’s reason to repeat a day forever: I may have mentioned this one before but I could use a frame by frame breakdown of the film. And I still haven’t finished chopping up the movie so the days are separate files I can reorder.


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