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Not much to say tonight. Instead, a few images as I start sorting screencaps…

Actually, first, a bit of an addendum to my discussion of Time Freak two entries ago:

Here’s a few shots of Stillman’s timeline diagrams…

Think back on my discussion of another short film, Tango and the complexity in planning that out. And, relate that to Phil’s final day in the time loop… Here’s what I listed for that day before:

  • his report from Gobbler’s Knob (after presumably picking up pastries and coffee again for Rita and Larry)
  • spending some time at the Tip Top Café (remember, it’s Doris who gets him up on stage for the bachelor auction)
  • buying a whole bunch of insurance—“whole life, term, uniflex, fire, theft, auto, dental, health with the optional death and dismemberment plan, water damage”—from Ned
  • a piano lesson with Mary
  • fanning the flames of Debbie’s passion for Fred
  • finding Wrestlemania tickets somewhere in town
  • fixing Felix’s back
  • saving the kid (Zacchaeus) falling out of the tree
  • changing the old ladies’ tire
  • saving Buster from choking and lighting that woman’s cigarette
  • playing at the banquet
  • sculpting Rita’s face in ice/snow

    And, Phil’s “errands” have a set schedule that he has to remember; he can’t really write it down, or rather there’s no point in writing it down because in order to remember it enough to write it down in the morning he’s already got to have it memorized anyway.

    But, enough about complexity of schedules. Here’s one of many new things I noticed getting all my screencaps—the old guy I call the “devil” is at Gobbler’s Knob. Here are shots of him on two separate days:

    He’s the guy with the red hat, and his “date” who I’ve nicknamed Saddam Hussein for reasons obvious to any South Park fan, is the guy who, well, isn’t very visible right behind that woman in the middle of that first shot—she’s got a blue coat (blue… shocker) and a black hat, and her hand is in front of Phil. Behind her is Saddam. The devil to the left. Here’s the devil in his usual spot, the booth at the end (and, if you get that reference, good for you):

    And, I must admit that despite my entry about the IMDb goofs page for Groundhog Day, I still haven’t gotten around to fixing the actual goofs page. But, here’s something that should be added to it:

    Note, this must be from two different takes because Phil has flipped over the pillow. But, in context of the scene, Phil would not be playing with that pillow by flipping it around.

    Aside from Rita’s robotic movements on February 3rd, I haven’t found much else that is “wrong” except… well, spoilers. Gotta save two specific continuity errors for something I’ve got coming up—something that was waiting on screencaps.

    I did find this interesting detail:

    In case you don’t see it, Phil’s got extra pastries. It’s not that exciting, but it confirms that the day we see him bring pastries is the first time he’s brought them or he would have known Larry would pick raspberry. I like to assume he brought them every day after that, but the film doesn’t confirm or deny that.

    By the way, the "commander" Phil talks to on the highway had a name: G. diLeonardi, named after transportation captain, George diLeonardi, presumably.

    And, in case I haven’t provided a visual before, here’s Zacchaeus at the hospital with an apparent broken leg from falling out of that tree:

    And, because I like to pick on Rita lately, here’s her creepy Joker smile at the Groundhog Day Festival Banquet:

    Today’s reason to repeat a day forever: to sort all of these screencaps and many more, maybe even get a frame-by-frame breakdown of the whole movie.

    P.S. The Groundhog Day Project has a Twitter and a Facebook page. Follow and like them respectively and help spread the word. And, if you want to support the Groundhog Day Project financially (so I can get a better screen and a blu-ray maybe to see this movie a little clearer and notice new things, or travel to Woodstock, IL for Groundhog Day), you can do that too...

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