what's the worst part?

Part one: written in a hotel room in Vegas, considering posting this as a very short entry... maybe ad part two later today after I "watch" the movie again.

Yesterday, Groundhog Day was "viewed" on the road. I put watch and viewed in quotation marks because I was driving at the time (and may do the same today), so I really didn't look at the movie much. I recited the lines along with all the characters, though. And, surprisingly, there are still a few lines I don't always get right. Had I not been driving at the time, I could have catalogued what I got wrong. But, I was driving.

The worse bit, though, was I also couldn't "catalog" a couple things I noticed because I was focusing on the audio. One, I remember, was about a specific line of dialogue that seemed to have new meaning. But, I cannot for the life of me remember what line it was. I hope it's noticeable again today.

The second thing I should be able to come up with in my head. I remember noticing an echo of Ned's whistle thing he does (pulling Phil's coat open before guessing Phil doesn't have life insurance) near the end of the film. The film is full of echoes throughout its structure and I thought I'd noticed them all, so it was interesting to notice a new one... but, like the dialogue thing, without writing it down or typing it as it happened, I lost it. I'm going through the third act in my head now, and cannot recall any whistling off hand. Like that bit of dialogue, I hope it's noticeable again today.

Part two later.

Today's reason to repeat a day forever: to leave nothing unfinished.


  1. Just discovered this blog and feel disturbed. I admire your spirit and will read what I can. But honestly if I weren't researching Bill Murray with a special interest in this film i would be running for the hills. Groundhog day every day. Wow!

  2. Welcome heyguys. You can start with http://groundhogdayproject.blogspot.com/2013/11/how-else-could-you-know-so-much.html



  3. Those two entries index the first 120 so you can read about the topics you like


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