as long as we're all working together

Both Brigsby Bear and Dave Made a Maze, about which I have been obsessing a bit of late--

Brigsby BearDave Made a Maze
day 1229 - dreams and imaginations to help us escape
day 1230 - it means something
day 1231 - the best version of yourself
day 1243 - i wanted to make something
day 1244 - it's a little on the nose
day 1245 - get the story to come off the page
day 1246 - everything we've got to work with
day 1247 - people are gonna want to see this shit
day 1248 - everyone is assholes

--deal in a fundamental need to (1) complete something meaningful (2) with the help of friends (3) in order to move on to some semblance of a normal life. In both cases, (4) the process ends with the destruction of the world... sort of. In Brigsby, in the film within the film, the entire universe has to be reset (reminding me of one of my favorite movies ever, The Fountain) for Brigsby, and for James, to have a new beginning. In Dave, the labyrinth has to be completed and then destroyed for Dave (and his friends) to be free. The metaphor in either case is right there on the surface, easy to understand; sometimes, the things we get stuck on in our lives are hard to give up; sometimes, moving on to something new is like tearing down a piece of ourselves.

Like this blog, for me, for example. There have been moments that I want to just quit doing it and live a more casual life, watch movies without thinking about how I might write about them on here. I mean, I have been watching movies my whole life, but this blog has only been around since 2013. Lately, I am leaning toward doing some YouTube reviews again, maybe. But, also, I will keep doing this blog. Whether that is until I finish this childhood deconstruction, whether that is until Day 1365 (as I actually stopped the blog at Day 1000 and then took it up a year later as if I had never stopped, Day 1365 would be another full year of blogging). Whether that is August 1, when phase four would be over. Whether it some unknown future date beyond that.

In the meantime, it continues. And, sometimes I will avoid the rants I know are coming. Like yesterday, using the line from Dave Made a Maze "everyone is assholes" I figured I'd get into some end-of-the-year political rant. But, also, the positive rants can get lost, as well. Today, for example, I was going to try to be hopeful about the coming year, about teaching, about this blog, about movies, about life, about the state of politics and the world. But, maybe I'm not feeling that hopeful. Or maybe I am just tired because last night was New Year's Eve and I didn't get much sleep.

But, the metaphor stands. With politics, also, I mean. You don't like the way of things now, you make some effort to tear it down, destroy it, replace it. Preferably without violence, of course.

In your personal life, too. Whenever possible, I suppose you fix what's wrong. But, when that doesn't work, burn that bridge behind you, get rid of the thing that affects you negatively, and move on. Finish the maze and destroy it. Finish the film and put your past behind you.

Tomorrow, Groundhog Day.

The next, back into childhood. Old movies. Old ideas. Life in review.


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