closing the road

Remember that time recently when I was talking about obsessing about things? You know, this entry. Well, I’m just getting to the big car chase in today’s viewing and I have yet to write anything because I was trying to finally solve a few location puzzles.

Notably, I’m revisiting my attempts to find this location:

Bob Hudgins said something about them filming the chase “between Country Club and 120” over in McHenry. Unfortunately, that area is a lot of residential blocks which even if I’ve found the location, would not look at all the same. So, I look for that “pillar” on the left side of the road in that photo. I have not found it… yet.

An easier location was this one:

The quarry was a specific location—Nimtx Quarry—in Love’s Park, so there were not a lot of streets to work with. Work backward and shrink the images…

…and you’ll notice the hill next to the road. Since 1992 when this was, filmed, imagine they have reshaped and repaved the road, removed all the trees and now there is residential blocks around the quarry. And, you get this:

That’s this intersection:

Then, there’s this location:

That is just before Phil saves Zacchaeus from breaking his leg falling out of the tree. Before, I was assuming that “sign” in the background was a street sign, and for whatever reason, this shot was not shot at the same location where he saves the boy (which is up the street from the Cherry Street Inn and just one property down from Mary the Piano Teacher’s house).

But, watching the scene again closely just now, I noticed a tree… I don’t know what it is but it’s leaves are red. You can see it right after Phil starts running.

And, in the background when he catches the boy.

So, a) both bits of the scene were filmed in the same location, b) this car is parked in Mary’s driveway…

And, that “sign” is not a street sign.

In this Google Street View shot (from another angle, you can see where the sign would be:

Today’s reason to repeat a day forever: (assuming I am in Woodstock) to just go ahead and refilm every shot to definitively prove each and every location with exactitude.


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