i could have done it with my eyes closed

Long tournaments can be exhausting... actually, no, it isn't the tournament. It's the schedule. Once the tournament day is over, we get to dinner and back to the hotel late. And last night, I had to write the blog and then watch the movie. Movie ended around 2, had to get up by 630. Similar schedule the last few days. So, today when I had 2 rounds in a row off from judging, I turned on Groundhog Day on my iPad, put in my new earphones, and put my head back in the chair and closed my eyes. Slept off an on for an hour, but totally saw the movie the entire time in my head. This movie's a part of me now. I can watch it in my sleep.

But I wanted to mention something else. A guy I judged yesterday in informative speaking did a speech about brain-to-brain-transfer... that is, the transfer of thoughts from brain to computer out to another brain. One actual example of the process already having been done was one guy choosing the actions for a video game and another guy a good distance away holding the controller. Guy #1 was controlling Guy #2's hands through a computer connection.

That's not the part that connected it to Groundhog Day for me, though. What it was was the implication that this same process could amount not just to temporary control but the sharing of thoughts and ideas. The thing is, this could mean that if you get hooked up to, say, a guy who can play piano, then that skill--the mental side of it anyway (I assumed there's some muscle memory involved)--becomes yours. Phil Connors could have learned a lot more skills that way rather than take all the time to, you know, actually learn to play at least two songs.

Today's reason to repeat a day forever: to steal skills and ideas and memories from everybody I can find (assuming, my time loop happens after the process above is a thing).


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