like a big rock that weighs a ton

I like how The Magnificent Seven is so polite about naming it's inspiration--based on the Japanese film The Seven Samurai and all that.

I don't particularly like (though I do) how this movie is already behind me because the end of this spring quarter was worth celebrating. Went out for a late dinner after class.


  1. I like the attention you paid to issues of race and gender in this post.

    1. funny =] i will probably reiterate this in more detail with today's post but i was tired before i even went out for drinks, then got home late to watch a 2+ hour movie that turned out to be a horrible copy... and I'm sitting watching it and realized i had typed nothing since the opening credits. the magnificent seven was just not working for me last night

    2. Oh well, you are pretty dedicated, I think you deserved a night off!


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