what is titicaca?

Flashback to the Jeopardy! entry of The Groundhog Day Project... or to the Jeopardy! scene in the film, I suppose. One of the clues is:

This South American lake
drains into the smaller
Lake Poopo in Bolivia

Don't be alarmed if you don't remember it. You can't really hear it in the movie, because Phil is already answering: “What is Titicaca?”

There's a blog called Things with Awesome Names that basically spells out my reaction to the combination above (which oddly I didn't even notice when I wrote the Jeopardy! entry). The author--Bungle Jerry--writes:

...Lake Titicaca. The lake, located in the mountains of Bolivia, is a God-send to lovers of awesome names everywhere. A schoolyard word for breasts and a schoolyard word for human waste stuck together: it couldn't be more awesome if it was called Lake Boobycrap. No matter your age, once you've stopped giggling at the name 'Lake Titicaca', you've stopped smiling at life. I think people who actually live on the shore of Lake Titicaca periodically still giggle at it: that's right, even people who know no English can giggle at the name Lake Titicaca. Its awesomeness cuts across linguistic bounds.

But what I don't understand is how I've gone this far in life without ever noticing that Lake Titicaca is just a few hundred kilometres northwest of Poopó Lake. However it's pronounced, I know exactly how I would have pronounced it if I had known of its existence as, say, a ten-year-old. Having both a Lake Titicaca and a Poopó Lake in the same country? Just how gifted is Bolivia?

Eternally is the ten-year-old within me jealous.

So, for the record: Lake Titicaca drains into Lake Poopo.

You do NOT want to see the other images that come up on a Google search of "poopoo."

Today's reason to repeat a day forever: to laugh like an immature little boy.


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